30 August 2010

VA DMV Closes Due to Statewide Glitch

It's 2010 and yet the entire state of Virginia's DMV system is being taken down for an entire day by a hardware failure. Here's the state's message to its citizens: "DMV will not be able to process driver's licenses or ID cards in its 74 customer service centers on Monday, August 30 due to a statewide computer system problem affecting those transactions only."  As reported by ZDNet, the outage is being blamed by contractor Northrop Grumman on the failure of two circuit boards manufactured by EMC -- i.e. a SAN failure.  I must agree with ZDNet's Dignan that something just doesn't seem right about the explanation being given by project managers.  Disaster planning?  Redundancy?  Single point of the failure?  And that's just the beginning. What if there'd been a real disaster?  After all, this is Virginia, home of many federal agencies and much of the federal workforce.

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