11 September 2013

Our First EHR Glitch Post

Picis ED PulseCheck Web Page Snip
This is our first Electronic Health Record (EHR) Glitch post -- but it certainly will not be the last. Lest the latest glitch report strike you with a ho-hum, think about what might happen if the glitch happened when some important part of your body were wired to this or that latest health care gadget at the time. 

According to a Reuters story, the software, which is used to manage EHR for UnitedHealth Group in 22 states, began dropping physician remarks associated with prescription transactions. That is, it left off manually entered notes from physicians. The error was caught by the software developer and a "recall" was initiated by UnitedHealth Group. According to the news reports, no patients were adversely affected.

UnitedHealth also reported the problem to the Food and Drug Administration, which provided this information on a public site which was read journalists at Bloomberg. That's accountability.

Who does Amazon and Google report their outages to?

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