08 July 2015

Wall Street Journal Glitch Overshadowed by Bigger Glitches Elsewhere

Hadas Gold Reporting via Dylan Byers Column on WSJ.com Glitch
The US Women's Soccer team queued for a ticker tape parade made possible by the hat trick accomplished by Carli Lloyd early in their game versus Japan.

A very different sort of hat trick provided much-needed shade for IT workers at Rupert Murdock's Wall Street Journal fretting over repercussions from an outage at WSJ.com earlier on July 8, 2015. As reported by Politico, the glitch was experienced on the WSJ.com home page. Some speculated that the outage was due to a surge in traffic caused by the same-day glitch at the NYSE.

Fueling some conspiracy theories, there were additional "routine" glitches elsewhere, such as an Ad network outage reported by the Dynatrace Outage Analyzer.

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