19 August 2013

Reuters: Amazon Offline for 15 Minutes

Reuters reported that U.S. and Canadian customers of Amazon experienced outages of up to 15 minutes on Amazon.com. While the Reuters headline referred to the outage as "rare," Amazon outages receive considerable attention. The Amazon S3 cloud architecture is thought to be one of the more robust in the rapidly developing cloud computing market.

Amazon did not respond inquiries from Reuters reporters.

The Amazon dashboard showing system status provided a message similar to this one (for Flexible Payment System) for a number of its services earlier today:
12:52 PM PDT Between 11:45 AM and 12:32 PM PDT, FPS experienced elevated error rates and latencies impacting CBUI pipeline, ASP, Pay, Reserve and Settle APIs in the North America region. The issue has been resolved and the service is now operating normally.

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