23 July 2013

NYC Legacy 911 System Fails Again - Intergraph System Still on Deck

911 Call Center via NBC News
As the GlitchReporter noted a few weeks ago, the NYC 911 system is scheduled to be replaced by a new system costing an estimated $2B. The new system, originally to be designed by HP, is now being developed by Intergraph, but will not be ready until 2015. The FDNY says the current 911 system is around 30 years old. It is the same system that notoriously ran into trouble on 9/11.

In the meantime, glitches continue to be experienced in some combination of the legacy system -- as we noted in that post -- and ICAD, a dispatch system used by the NYPD.  A previous outage was blamed on someone turning off a server, which caused other servers to crash.

Yesterday, as reported by the NYT, there were six outages, resulting in a total of around 90 minutes of downtime.

Details as to which systems (Dispatch? 911? NYPD? FDNY?) are failing, and the causes of such failures, seem to go generally unexplained. According to reporters, Intergraph refers questions to City workers.

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