30 November 2009

Black Friday for eCommerce Hyperlinks at hp.com?

It was to be a busy weekend for HP.com, but perhaps it was too busy for some of its web content managers.  Over the weekend I received several HP small business promotions by email.  When I clicked into the links, selected "laptops" and then "ultra-portables," I got the dreaded "404."  So remarkable was this that I assumed this had to be a problem with me, not the website.  I tried it again several times between Friday and Sunday evening -- to no avail.  None of the category groupings offered up by the landing page from the push email from HP resulted in anything but 404.

If I'd known this was going to last an entire weekend and become "a story," I would have grabbed a screenshot and featured it on errorprocessing.com. But I had no such prescience, and as a result I have no hard evidence to back up this finding.

Instead the only proven result is a statistically insignificant decline in an HP small business push email conversion sales total -- one less ultra-portable purchased online.

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